Entry #1

Here we go

2008-08-13 20:36:44 by shen1231

I have learned Stick Brush tolling and i am beginign a flash battle consisting of all my friends .

I am also in the mists of creating to series Ashura the Hedgehog and also Mini Fighter And Pocket fighters Collide (working Title)

These series i hope will be very succeful and also will make me very popular xD as we all want i assume so be prepared for my new flashes coming ur way

Here we go


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2008-08-13 21:56:01

Good luck.
Hope your animations come out great.


2008-09-18 23:14:54

Nice dude nice.Can;t w8 for Ashura the hedgehog


2009-11-02 23:47:39

aww man....

I for got you were donig an ashura series DX.

and i already started mine and im almost done with the first episode...